Best Security Features for New Doors and Windows

Home security is one of the most important elements when choosing new windows and doors, whether you’re designing a conservatory or replacing your existing fixtures. As much as you want them to match the style of your home, it’s also crucial they operate easily while being resistant to attempts to enter them forcibly. When deciding on the right products, ask your supplier about the types of security features included and any upgrades available. You can then make the right choice about how to best protect your property. But what are some of the best security features for new windows and doors? Here’s some to think about.

Your Front Door – The First Line of Defence

This year’s National Home Security Month revealed 74% of burglars break in through the front door. Therefore, choose your door furniture wisely if customising a new design. Look for the Kitemark on handles and hinges, which is the UK quality trademark operated by the British Standards Institution. Some handles even include features such as anti-snap protection which have anti-drill, anti-bump and anti-screw capabilities. You could also think about other features such as adding a spyhole, giving you extra visibility to see who’s at your door.

PAS 24 Windows & Doors

PAS 24 is one of the best security standards for UK window and door designs. It doesn’t just mean each component has been tested but the whole door or window system too. It’s the entire product (including the frame) which holds the test certificate rather than any individual part. The assessment includes both manual and mechanical attacks throughout the production process.

You should also enquire about products accredited by the Secured by Design scheme. Additional features may include tighter seals between the glass and frame, as well as excluder devices which resist force.


Upgrading your glazing is often thought of as a way to provide more insulation and energy efficiency to your property, but it can also double as a way to ensure they’re more secure. If you still have old, single glazed windows, there could be several weak points of entry which burglars can easily find a way to tamper with. This includes the single pane of glass and old, deteriorated wooden frames. You could also consider specific types of security features for your glazing, including toughened or laminated glass for additional strength.


The main feature of most new windows and doors which is going to stop forced entry is going to be the locks. Ask your supplier about the differences between any products you’re comparing, as they may have differing levels of protection. Some of the best features include multi-point locks which secure the windows and doors to the frame in several places where they would have otherwise been vulnerable. Shoot bolts are also great as they’re often made of steel and are added to the top and bottom of the window or door.

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