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acuramdx with palm trees

Here is a nice picture of an Acura MDX, such a sporty looking car and below here is the 2016 model, very very nice and quite popular. And a great addition to the Acura cars, the 2016 version has added more features in an effort to stay current and beat its competition in the market that is luxury SUV and i think a new Lexus RX is on its way. It now has a 9 speed gearbox with 3 new gears and is lighter.  The selection of gears is now via a button and electronic!!

2016 acura mdx

The fuel consumption has not changed even though their are more gears and technology? And in the car it has new features, Apple’s voice recognition system, the drivers seat moves back an inch or so when you want to get in and out, thees a tech package and a rear view camera thats smart and more importantly maybe is a forward detection system that spots pedestrians.

2015 acura mdx

They even have a new system that with the aid of a camera looks ahead and steers and brakes to keep you in the right lane. Wow, how does it do that and what if you don’t want to be in that lane, do you end up arguing with the car? And some smart cruise control system too. Apparently you won’t argue with the car, if you decide to make a move, it lets you and is only there if it thinks you need to be helped out. Wow sounds like HAL on Space Odyssey!

Prices begin at 30,000 of our british pounds up to 40,000 for a fully loaded motor. My view, its a lovely car and is preferable to lots of other cars in the market.

I also like the Jeep, Smart Car, Ford Mexico, Alfa Romeo Spyder, Black or Matt Green Limo’s, Aston Martin’s, Audi A6, BMW M series anything really and Harley Davidson motorcycles, although I cannot ride a bike. Only 2 from this list I wouldn’t drive are the limo and the Harley, as I would rather be driven in a limo and a Harley is cool to look at normally unless pimped too much but not something I would want to ride at my age!!

I do like Aston Martin cars, very classy and even James Bond has them, so they must be good.