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Wheelchair Scooters
A mobility scooter gives you the self-confidence as well as liberty to continue doing all the things you appreciate, such as visiting friends and family, going shopping as well as taking a trip on holiday.

Which Flexibility Mobility Scooter Should I Buy?

There are many wheelchair scooters to select from, so thinking about just how you will utilize your mobility scooter will certainly help you pick the best one:

  • Just how regularly will you be using your scooter?
  • Do you need your scooter to fold up or take down so you can transfer it in an auto?
  • Will you be taking a trip when traveling, sidewalk or ‘off-road’?
  • Will your journeys be long or short?
  • Will your mobility scooter will be stored indoors or outside (in a garage or shed)?

Each of our movement scooters are developed with varying features and also abilities, permitting you to choose the best one for your requirements.

Mobile Movement Scooters

Portable mobility scooters are lightweight as well as compact, making them best for assisting you get out and around. Each model can be readily taken down or folded up so it can be quickly kept or fitted into the rear of an auto. Being simple to move, they make wonderful travel movement scooters for tackling holiday. With smaller batteries, portable flexibility scooters are a lot more fit to travelling much shorter ranges.

4mph as well as 6-8mph Mobility Scooters

4mph and 6mph, or Class 2 mobility scooters are intended to be utilized on sidewalks and also walkways only. They have a smaller battery with a normal series of up to 15 miles and also typically light-weight in layout.

8mph, or Course 3, wheelchair scooters can be driven on both roads and sidewalks. They are sturdier and also are usually fitted with a more effective battery for longer distances.
All Surface Flexibility Scooters
An ‘off-road’ flexibility scooter allows you to travel where standard mobility scooters might battle to go. Each scooter is constructed to withstand surface consisting of rough courses, uneven ground, grass as well as steeper inclines. These mobility scooters are larger and much heavier and also are fitted with a larger battery for longer distances.
Flexibility Mobility Scooter Accessories
Each mobility scooter has a variety of added devices, consisting of damp and also cold weather defense, storage space as well as included convenience.